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Print On Demand - Necklace Sequence

This sequence embodies everything we teach. It builds your list WHILE selling your product and using that undivided attention to get your subscribers attention. TRUST ME, they will remember this bad boy. This particular campaign was made to clone a successful ecommerce campaign that'd done VERY well. So it's just an example of exactly what you could do for any ecommerce product.

Influencer Lead Gen Sequence - 400 Books Sold In 2 Days!

This was one of a few different posts this influencer made to help sell her book. Instead of sending people to the book directly (which she'd done a lot) she decided to make a sequence and build her list this time. The list building paid off as she got a MASSIVE spike in sales by offering a free download in exchange for the email address, and then introducing the offer. The book sells for $25... so that's $10,000 in sales in 3 days using these sequences without ads!

Restaurant Birthday Campaign

Restaurants LOVE booking bigger tables. You know who usually has larger reservations? Birthdays. This is a sequence that would be triggered through an ad and target people with a birthday coming up. You offer them a discount, or a free beer, or something to get them to book with you. REALLY simple.

Challenge + Great Copy = More Sales!

This influencer ran a challenge using an automated sequence to get people in. We actually didn't get her results but we saw the sequence getting a lot of subscribers and assumed it must have done quite well. It's a really well done sequence that matches the virality of a "challenge" funnel and the urgency of the "contrarian copy" structure which we teach in the Collective.

Wine Newsletter Sign Up - Plus Make Sales!

Who doesn't love a good glass of wine!? Well this is an awesome campaign for local business to utilize SCAN CODES to get people on to their newsletter. Let's face it, everyone knows how to use a QR code at this point, you can have that QR code redirect to an m. me link and trigger a sequence... since it's in Messenger you can prepopulate email and even sell them on the wine of the month club!

Traditional Cold Targeting Ecommerce Sequence

Why send people to a website when you can't retarget to them? Instead, send them to a Messenger of Instagram sequence and utilize that 24 hour window plus allow the user to shop for what THEY want.

Ecommerce Giveaway Sequence - 800 Subscribers Free!

Would you pay $.41 per lead to build your list? I know I would! This sequence did exactly that. They chose a prize worth $250 and generate well over 600 leads in just a matter of a few days! Pretty stellar because it matched a few of the REALLY important features. Give away something awesome if you are going to run a giveaway... no one wants a $10 gas card...